We messed up a basketball match

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I'm probably gonna receive hate with this but 2K is not basketball and mt for sale 2k20 most of those fucking reviews that say 2K is the very best and most realistic basketball game really is a fucking joke when it's only competition is NBA Live. There is a reason a lot NBA players do not play with 2K. They invest so much damn money on a fucking storyline with celebrities and shit just for a fucking aesthetic.Create NBA2KING Desktop Shortcuts For 3% Discount!       

But nah half of the 2K community wants to have the ability to reach 90 percent of the step back threes because you see curry do it twice a match in the HoH highlights of NBA 2K as it really goes in. I mean damn individuals really think that shooting 20-25 from 3 is real basketball when actual life that they make 40% and not that many men and women do this in the league. Bigs can not even make a contested 2 foot layup in NBA 2K 30 percent of the time since people will shout that bigs are op should they make it 60 percent of their time when in life that shooter is exactly what got them to the league along with their earning which shot 60-80% of the time

Then they beg na make a team full of lockdowns that a glock and also an offensive threat sit at a 2-3 zone and span for steals. Then on crime run a pick n roll with all the offensive threat while everyone stands still the entire game for the of to screen cheese 12 times in 24 seconds until they get a lane or enough space to get a wide open three. That's not basketball and it's certainly not fun. Nonetheless, it's an easy fix, do not give bigs the athletic cartoons and it'll be fine just let a big have the unathletic animations and it is going to be balanced.

I really don't play park all I do is rec and expert am and that I was strictly talking about those 2 modes. However, for park keep it that way let it be an arcade mode game like that because that is what 2K has come to be an arcade game in all game modes. Yes this is a bitching post And y’all can hate on me I'm garbage idagf what anyone has to say on this program that attacks me since we destroyed the fucking match with all our complaints to devs saying do this do that your game is crap give me what I want and all that bullshit, I just need a realistic basketball game that somewhat feels like an actual nba game, maybe not nba street (this was mainly about pro-am and rec, I don't have any room to discuss the park because I have likely played 10 games there).

That is how I feel also. The community got for NBA 2K is easily the worst for all games that I playwith. I can watch for other matches in the YouTubers. I can not even tolerate more than Chris Smoove at this point and the only reason he's even making 2K movies is since the NBA season is over/postponed. All the significant figures wish to be able to take 80% from every game or poster somebody each time they receive a lane, and then dribble before the shot clock runs out or until they activate a bullshit animation that requires control out of your hands on defense. And cheap nba 2k20 mt coins the people follow them.

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