CW6558-100 Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 PRM Zip Swoosh

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Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 PRM Zip Swoosh refreshing hook ‬ great gameplay inherits the diversity of hooks ‬, this time uses ‬ a more mechanical zipper as a connection ‬, Air Force One ‬ Low-top sneakers have built-in soft cushions. This year's taro purple fairy color set off the whole network at a glance. The light purple color matching of the milk fairy is definitely a low-key but very eye-catching popular color combination in this spring and summer. Whether it is a fairy girl or a trendy man, it can be controlled by ERA fragrance. Taro purple checkerboard casual board shoes vulcanization true standard clean vulcanization process correct original data development aluminum last OEM original.

2020 Air Jordans,Jordan low-top AJ1 white purple white purple toe low-top Air Jordan 1 Low AJ1 company original shoes repurchased and re-opened the model to open the original authentic original loyal to the original leather upper, the thickness of the midsole is reduced, the weight is reduced, the weight is increased and the ground is adopted Palm Air Sole air cushion is simple and elegant, highlighting the trend of the wild choice of daily out of the street.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Nike Kyrie 6 "There Is No Coming Back" This new product is mainly black, white and gray, with green and orange red embellishment, at first glance is quite OFF-WHITE. Many details show the theme of space, the tongue is presented with a planet logo, the inside of the upper is designed with graffiti resembling the Big Bang, and the outside is "There Is No Coming Back", which echoes the theme of universe exploration. Swoosh is presented with a fluorescent green printing effect, and the flowing effect seems to be just graffiti with paint. The upper straps and luminous design make the overall effect more sci-fi. Judging from the shoe tag, the sole is equipped with XDR wear-resistant rubber, which is more suitable for the actual field needs.

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