If it takes over to RuneScape the cosmetics would be unobtainable

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Or will ironman mode be disabled about the leagues? Then, if it takes over to cheap RS gold the cosmetics would be unobtainable on an ironman. It looks like that was not thought through IMO. I thought that the point of ironman style was forced to find everything yourself, not be locked from makeup as you can not grind as long as somebody else at a time-locked tournament. In RuneScape, every item is theoretically obtainable by an ironman, even if exceedingly improbable (e.g. druidic third age). This may break that.

If it's like how King of this Skill was, where we played a predetermined quantity of in-game hours rather than IRL hours, I think that it would be a whole lot fairer. Sure, streamers could create many accounts to keep striving for better and better attempts, but ultimately what's your personal efficacy in-game, not just how many IRL hours you've got available.

I mean, can not you say the exact same thing concerning Ironman and existing makeup being unjust? Like it is unfair to try and get 3rd Age in an Ironman since it is soo rare nevertheless mains can only trade it. Also, we don't know the reward structure will operate yet; this is in a site. From what Kieren stated, the focus is competitive and the rewards will be reason for everyone to play. If that is the case, then Ironmen ought to have the ability to make points for hte rewards without needing to nolife grind it as you suggested. You might not be able to afford all the possible makeup, but at least at the first tournament, but it's still true that you can get them.

I can not agree because it might be hard for ironmen to get, that we shouldn't add makeup. At the end of the day, they are just makeup... They will not be valuable to RuneScapemode whatsoever and there's absolutely no reason that an ironman should feel compelled to collect every single item. If you want to perform as collectionist, completionistsuch that is on you and you already have accepted it is damn near impossible, therefore adding a bit more near hopeless will not change that much.

The distinction I am making is between rare/nearly hopeless and actually impossible. If it's rare, there's always someone who'll go for it because they are crazy, but when it is impossible what is the point in even participating? I agree on the"we shouldn't say no just as it's difficult for ironmen" but I am talking about when it's not possible for ironmen. This sort of circumvents the point because RuneScape mode was designed so that it is possible to earn every thing yourself. It would be weird to have items which you cannot obtain via any means (regardless of how infrequent ) if you did not do something for old school rs gold a month some time 3 years back or whatever. AFAIK there is nothing like that in OSRS currently.

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