Is FUTmas Matuidi SBC worth it?

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FIFA 19 FUTmas SBC Matuidi review - Is FUTmas Matuidi SBC worth it?

The cheapest solution to complete FUTmas Matuidi SBC will cost you about 130 K and his UCL Rare card on the market is selling for about 127K FIFA 19 coins, then the FUTmas card got a +1 upgrade, let's see his in-game stats. I have got the cheapest solution for FIFA 19 SBC. from FIFAAH.COM and Goldkk.com.

Matuidi is a very good CDM in the game, even if you want to play him sentiment as well, he's got an all-around amazing guard. 71 shooting, 79 passing, 80 pace, 81 acceleration, 78 sprint speed it's good pace for a CDM, passing is average, but short pass is decent, he's got great jumping 86, amazing stamina 96, and great aggression 88, great interceptions,  head accuracy is not good, actually but it's not bad because he's not tall, and 87 marking, 86 stand tackle, 88 slide tackle, which is all good, 85 agility which is it's really good for a CDM, bad agility and you can't feel it in game, 81 balance is good as well because obviously, you want you to play to be balanced because it can't be brought cause problems in bad gameplay and stuff if you play it is imbalanced he's got 86reactions, good ball control 81 and good composure 84, although he's free kicks are awful obviously but it doesn't matter for a CDM. When it comes to shooting stats, the finishing is quite poor.

Overall, personally, there's a lot of positives of this card, 130K price compared to the 86 UCL card is not insane. The FUTmas Matuidi SBC is worthy. How do you think?

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