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The Classic buy RS gold Comes to Mobile  Runescape Interview with John ColgraveFew games have lived so complete and long a life as RuneScape. Launched back before 's had discovered a steady foundationJagex's seminal game has survived the test of time and puts on a brand new search to captivate players on mobile. We sat down with one of those vent teamJohn ColgraveProducerabout this newest experience in the RuneScape saga.

John Colgrave Sowe announced in July  that we would bring Old School RuneScape along with RuneScape to cellular devicesand the response was just amazing  but the ambition to do this is something we had had for a time. Our neighborhood had been vocal in calling for the matches to come to cellular. In addition to messaging us on social networkingplayer surveys showed that  of our active players and almost

twothird of players had an interest in playing them on cellular.Us Walk through the genesis of Runescape mobile. For yearsit's been a staple of browser machinesand one of the longest lasting Java gamesbut jumping onto smart phones and tablets is definitely a surprising shift.

JC It goes without saying that attracting two OSRS Gold with so many years of existing content andin some regionslegacy technology supplied the cellular team with important challenges. On the other handthe mobile development team has been working for the last year and a half to ensure the games supply the authentic RuneScape adventures on mobile devices while sensing intuitive on those platforms.

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