I've been awaiting PSO2 for years

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I enjoy the setting and set. It's highly mechanical and electric and buy PSO2 Meseta cybernetically pushed, yet we're going planets and combating with giant monsters that are organic. It reminds me a lot of Dragon Hunter World, but it's far less hardcore. I liked MHW, but me turned off after a while. PSO2 is not so reliant on timing your attacks for the most part. I feel like whatever I was performing in PSO2 I had been getting some sort of incremental update, but I really could go hours prior to grinding resources to produce something a tiny bit better. (Maybe MHW isn't the best game to compare, but it's all I need to go on).

For me personally, PSO2 scratches that loot/grindy itch that games such as Destiny or Warframe just have not been able to do lately (to be fair, I have thousands of hours in both games). With PSO2 obtaining a NA launching and rumors of FF14 producing its way to Xbox this year, I think I'm going to be playing far more Japanese games in the near future.I'll be honest, It is way overwhelming initially. About 100 distinct currencies., and still don't know how to update the harmonizer (no drops which was odd).

The sport was very relaxing. I love the Monster Hunter contrast I visit many making. Skill that is easy to play but very high ceiling if you put the time into it. I played with with likely 15 hrs but I feel I can't give a fair opinion lol. It is one of the games in which it still hasn't clicked for mepersonally, but feels just like it is going to click should I stick with this. I'm just rambling now.

The original poster seemed way more interested in the ambiance and gameplay than retaining possessions, so"try JP" is absolutely valid for the context of this thread. It was a moot point due to his PC situation. I've been awaiting PSO2 for years, and it had been one of 2 reasons I bought an xbox past year (gamepass was another ), but it did not actually hit me until a few hours in the CBT that this is precisely the match I want right now; I'm coming off a rough couple years and my life is really empty right now, so what better time to dive to the massive sequel to the sole mmo which has ever caught me? The timing feels ideal for me, although it is weird to say after 8 decades.

The CBT solidified PSO2 as THE game I was looking forward to, rather than one of many around the horizon, which is made the wait tougher over the last week. But additionally, I am grateful to get this time to receive my affairs in order today that I understand what's coming. It is time to finish a few games I had been playing off, rack up some achievements at work, spend time in my own hobbies and Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta jobs, etc before PSO2 arrives to consume my entire life.

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