Which turns into gold becoming simpler

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7M a hour is ridiculous and he is not even botting. Almost as much money as 3 man effective TOB raids at max combat and gear. A little bit of low level questing and the period is the barrier to entry. He exposed this to the community and pressured the hand of Jagex. JageX dont care about sport integrity. When will this sink into peoples heads. People are literally out there buying OSRS gold skilling services for 7-15m/h to have people train their accounts. These folks are maxing without enjoying their acc, de facto buying Supreme balances. JageX don't care. Thats all they can perform.

Revert it in this point at least. The update locked the rune pouch, and also hit wilderness slayer very hard. Jagex always has been and still is incredibly slow and uncooperative to acknowledge when they have published a bad upgrade and revert or change it, the worst and most cited instance where they really murdered RuneScape with the double tap of trade limitation and EoC. Today this trend continues. Matters like this and several other examples is what makes the community reluctant to vote in sport content RuneScape will have to survive, like new abilities. While the player foundation definitely has more confidence in Jagex than it used to, its still hard to provide them the independence they need if things like this occur.

Commerce limit was not exactly something they wanted. Pretty trade limit was a last resort option forced breaking the law through RuneScape. In the Runescape Documentary a few decades back, I believe one of the Gower brothers stated they were getting an insane amount of stolen credit cards used for bot accounts. Visa stated that unless they mended problem charges back Visa was about to prohibit Jagex. My perception from there's that they felt something which would nuke the bot farms even if it pissed off the player base was the only means to go ahead because like 90 percent of the customers payed through Visa.

It was probably only the number of players keen to participate in it. It is pretty hard to do this, but if you've played with a mostly JP game or on a JP server, you will notice a severe reduction in things like evident RMT advertising. It isn't the Japanese(or whatever country it is possible to choose, JP is the one that I know ) are more extensive of RMT busting, it's just that there is less of a market for the RMTers. Runescape only appears to have a disproportionate number of players willing to engage in RMT.

Which is interesting, the waterfall effect here is the fact that it is easier to add gold without a new countertops to market. Which turns into gold becoming simpler cheap RuneScape gold to get, making gold vendors earnings reduced to compete with one another, making bonds less inclined to be purchased as opposed to gold sellers and earning the bonds cost more because of lower availability and higher gold amount available. Which is why we're seeing prices of a lot of items fluctuating beyond what is normal these last couple of months. But for players like myself that makes money here and there and do not really work the grand market like others have expertise doing, are having a more difficult time getting items we need for to speed up our leveling/questing.

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