To me RS was constantly mostly about world building

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That notion is actually underwhelming. Both in terms of cheap RS gold repairing any problems that are current and gameplay. Maybe back then it'd have worked for some of those problems but its gameplay is still thought out. Yep. Skilling catalysts are a really band-aid solution, RS3 includes a number of them and it does not do anything. The explanation for why PvM is seem more exciting highlights well the core of the situation. Eliminating all resource drops doesn't correct the fact that skilling itself is almost irrelevant to RuneScape nowadays. In RS3 with 99 smithing that you smith the strongest melee armor in RuneScape. In OSRS you smith a alch fodder, and the armor instead is all dropped by supervisors. See the distinction?

To me RS was constantly mostly about world building and role playing when I was young and f2p it had been about salivating about the legends of membership from those handful buddies whom parents did not hesitate to buy, and when I got older and bought my own membership it had been about beating quests, exploring planet, reading dialogs and analyzing arbitrary products. I would say a great deal of shit in rs makes sense from roleplaying perspective, but maybe not from gameplay. Abilities give immersion if it lingers long enough to pay progression like having all these skilling. When that wears off but the gameplay is awful.

I don't believe in significant shift from PvM into skilling, unless the entire gameplay is redesigned to something more engaging than a"click onto a tree after a ten minutes". Really was not around here then, but I get impression back in a day RS under Gowers was shaping up to become more towards adventure game (rather than cookie clicker grinder or skill requiring arpg with endgame pvm), and that is the direction I wish it required if we're talking on the subject of"what if RS took unconventional route".

People really got into the efficacy aspect. I think it was worst when dungeoneering came outrace to get and 99/120 200m actually put everyone into a mindset. People started grinding effigies to get runecrafting and all the other bullshit that was supposed to maximize and perfect methods. Waterfall quest hurried to receive a head start when OSRS came out, rather than everybody simply killing cattle or goblins. I felt like I would squander 2 hours lvling from 1-30 if I can perform muster in 10 minutes and get exactly the same outcome, although I recall the need of becoming effective plaguing me aswell, I wanted to simply jump on and kill goblins. Then AHK tick manipulation really took the fun out of RuneScape.

This reminds me when I got back to OSRS and that I totally forgot a lot about RuneScape and went to go kill cows, etc and it was only when I was like 25 att/str that I even realized that waterfall pursuit was something and then once I did that and looked into effective approaches it had been difficult to revert back.If tick manipulation and efficiency required the pleasure out of it to you, that is on you not the other gamers tbh. I find a part of the fun is attempting to strike other times I only want to boss with ge stand or buddies for a couple hours, max exp rates. Play how you like!

Be poor like me and play as a semi iron man. As I can not justify buying those from the 25, I'm farming my cocunuts and hops to protect my magical and mahogany trees. I made my boards to cut the price of maxing my house in about half. I am gradually leveling by performing my battle staves and some that I get out of Wyvren drops crafting and I am charging my air orbs from the drops. This and I disagree heartily. Most matches RS, have more enjoyable content of runescape 2007 gold development at the phases.

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