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This time RuneScape gold the spotlight is on the story designer Sarah Longthorne of Fusebox. PocketGamer.Biz: Can you inform us about your current role and what it entails?Sarah Longthorne: I am a narrative designer in Fusebox Games.My role involves working as a member of a team of writers write the storylines to our game and to develop. Being a choicebased visual novel

 there's also a fair quantity of game layout thrown into the mix, but the largest aspect of what we do is writing.I'm now beavering away at season two, that arrives next summer, as well as the reunion event for season one.How did you first get into games and also how did you progress into this role?I started my matches career working as an email advertising planner at Jagex

 home of RuneScape. I'd come from a marketing background, so which was the normal route for me.Once I had my foot in the door, I could prove myself and move in the role I wanted, that was and had always been writing.I worked for a couple of years in total at Jagex. Not long after joining, I achieved to a number of the senior devs and storyline performers and told them

 I wanted to contribute, which resulted in a OSRS Gold opportunities composing dialogue and short stories.I began with RuneScape but also worked on Jagex's lesserknown title Block N Load. I wound up writing the bark lines for its hero character, voiced by the gifted Doug Cockle, famous for bringing Geralt of Rivia into life.

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