I'd say NBA 2K20play is very solid

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There is a lot wrong with Buying 2K20 MT but I'd say NBA 2K20play is very solid.It was strong 3-4 years back the last time they made any significant changes to the AI. In my opinion they failed to conform to the NBA. Three out isn't the norm for teams today, facilities stand around from the mid-range way a lot in NBA 2K20, too many shooters cut during a fastbreak if they need to be standing in the corner. They have/had out 5 but patched it out because that offense runs. It's dumb as fuck not or it makes teams perform like their real life counter parts.

If they put dividing the shooters (along with other clever rotational schemes) to NBA 2K20 and have the centers not adhere to their individual so much and concentrate on the rim protection it wouldn't be a problem.they can't actually fix fastbreak defense lmfao AI on a fastbreak with someone on these is obviously a layup. Nothing is meant by defenders on chunk iq. In case the ballhandler dribbles near some 2nd protector after abandoning his or her man that AI will always always always reach in to get a foul. Then there is the fact AI screens offball they place the screen and never function cause before the display is put, the man cuts. There is so much wrong especially when I perform with myleague and do rebuilds more stand out.

I will continue to whine about Devin Booker's 2K rating in each thread in which it's even applicable. All these motherfuckers dropped his 2K score during the finest offensive season of his career! What kinda shit is that! Book's rating is not even the problem. His shot release is awful and looks nothing like his shot in life. His pace rating is awful, along with his dribble bundle stinks. Dude could be graded 99 and still be tough to play with.True, I use him almost completely off ball with the suns because his pace and handles are a joke. He can't take anyone off the dribble 1:1 when in reality he could take men off the dribble, the disrespect is real.

2K in general has become the same game for the previous 8 years. After I had that realization I stopped enjoying them. Also, the"over-animation" of ever move made it feel as though I had limited control over the player-character and the passing mechanics have been dogshit.I usually get a new copy ever 2 decades, but I just buy them when they're available and generally just play myleague.I used to enjoy playing head to head on the internet, but the cheese strategies just became so prevalent that it stopped being fun. The protector AI because game is awful, particularly. Additionally, I really hated the debut of this"take a charge" button.

They get inflated manner too much towards the top... I remember anything above 80 back in the late 00s/early 10s had all-star potential. Likely because rookies in today's day are actually people that grew up playing 2K, so that they likely saw their evaluation"64? and got hella offended. The issue is it leaves no room to acquire comparisons between players when the supply is crammed towards the top. In the end its not big of an issue, since I seen folks flag and mention 2K evaluations here when comparing players and Cheap NBA 2K21 MT that me scare.

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