Return to MapleStory's RPG roots

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The cooler fix is to change Malady to use the crafting system, similar to Beefy's Kitchen. Give her a Sack (shop NPC for purchasing things with Dark Tokens) and also a Cauldron (crafting Maple M Mesos NPC for cooking things based on her recipes), and the built-in operation of these types of NPCs will take care of the quantity issue. The only tricky bit is that some of her items can be crafted two distinct manners. I am not certain if the crafting system can handle two recipes which yield the same product. Additionally, using this system will not give exp (but may give Diligence exp).Reboot Update Preview

Happy Holidays! Join us for one of our main updates, which brings you a completely new world to play in! Return to MapleStory's RPG roots in Reboot, where it is possible to fight tough monsters and earn all your items through hard work. We are also making sweeping changes to the skills of every job in order to improve the efficacy of the jobs with regard to one another. Many new systems are coming online--such as a means to analyze your damage output and battle effectiveness, new Hyper Stat Factors to enhance your stats as you gain levels past Lv. 140, and Transfer Hammer, which lets you transfer certain enhancements and info from 1 item to a higher level item. And it's not December without Happyville! Your favorite holiday events are returning, along with a few fresh ones. All of this and more, in the Reboot upgrade!

The brand new Reboot world is becoming added to MapleStory! This universe brings MapleStory back to its origins as a hardcore RPG. In this world, creatures are stronger and provide more EXP. As you fight, you are going to receive more mesos, as well as equipment relevant to your character's job. Useful items are designed to be accessible through gameplay, so some items won't be available from the Cash Shop, or will simply be marketed for mesos instead. Item enhancement is simplified, and trades are handicapped. As opposed to purchasing what you want from other players or the Cash Maplestory 2 Mesos buy Shop, you will earn it obviously through gameplay since you collect items and develop more powerful!

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