Solicit feedback from various FIFA players

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There's additional depth to set-pieces in FIFA Coins, especially in the case of both free-kicks and penalties. We're still getting the hang of free-kicks, which require a reticle to move and apply the stick to include modifiers such as the knuckleball shot and top-spin. Penalties are a bit more straightforward. You move a reticle, but the circle round it gets bigger determined by how much electricity you go for, and you will find timing elements to it as well. These mechanics also boast some new run-up animations.

EA are still tinkering with features leading up to discharge. By way of example, Sam Rivera notes that attacking power is another important focus for the staff at present,"to make sure players enjoy Edinson Cavaniplayers like Harry Kane, can also be useful in the game but in a different way." To aid with this, they are continuing to solicit feedback from various FIFA players. Rivera admits the show' growing civilization that is eSports is currently playing a notable part in the game's evolution.

And when attributes are designed by us, we consider all of them. "Each year we fly players to Vancouver so that they could play the game and give us comments. You can see there are expert players playing the sport [in Germany] too -- we're going to have a feedback session later -- and will incorporate that feedback."

"I can not talk about anything to the future, because FIFA Mobile Coins for sale I do not know much. "We always have projects for the long run. "The aim for us is to make a game where the motion of the participant is 100% realistic -- you can move just like a human. Every year we get nearer, and I feel along with these players' movement along with all the changes, we're getting much closer. "But specifically -- the next generation [of consoles] -- I can't share anything at this time."

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