we really really love Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta

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Response; Everyone gets together, messages the English devs, says POLITELY"Yo we really really love Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta, and if you let's take over the microtransactions we got from the Japanese edition, we're gonna be SUPER pleased and buy additional microtransactions in the US version, where many of us may not play with if we don't sadly." And if enough people do it we can probably make them critically have a jab at getting personality transfers online before spring up, it needs to be possible. Now's LITERALLY the very best time with this, as any afterwards and we'll overlook the timeline of a year out whenever they could develop any personality move performance using Phantasy Star Online 2. I am aware that League of Legends has multiple continental servers, also character move is allowed by it, so that I can't imagine it is impossible.

It is hard for me to think about this. I have items in my storage, some costumes that are expensive, lvl 90 chars and about 6000 hours. I would hate to lose all that advancement when Sega decided they want to put lock JP PSO2 servers since they are westernizing PSO2, rather than move over advancement over the NA servers. I can't really imagine what the participant store is currently going to be like also. This may either work okay, or really be a shot at the foot.Sega might finally have an excuse to rid us baka gaijins off their variant to a Westernized MMO version of PSO2 which will expunge our existing progress and probably have degree skips and a financial purchase for 15*s. Call me paranoid but I am scared of the release more than pleased.

About the Sega PR record an email has been sent to people on the list saying. "There will be no limits on game experiences like Class Level limit or direct order of high-tier weapons since we want to provide players with a fair and exciting encounter. If players still find themselves in need of help due to their pursuit, microtransactions are there to help." Kinda made me nervous, I know what kind of things you may get for ARKS cash rn and yes it will help for say leveling with the ex boosters along with the damn scratch item stat affixes such as the Grace series of abilities or Elegant or Noble series, etc. so yeah its already kind of P2W in that minor instance. The AC store is not super rewarding in terms of P2W overall, hell my Unit and weapon affixes were produced from my blood, sweat and tears to get me the damage I have now. Yet I feel that the western version of buy PSO2 Meseta could alter that if Microsoft has any hand in anything. If not good I hope people like that version to the very best of their abilities, I am just remaining skeptical of anything associated with Microsoft or any entertainment company that is huge.

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