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Adidas Originals officially released this week YEEZY 500 new color "Salt", I believe many fans have started. After the latest color matching "Mauve" of ADIDAS YEEZY BOOST 700 in October, the well-known breaking account YEEZY MAFIA ushered in the latest information of the new YEEZY BOOST 700. This time, the retro "Dad Shoe" shoe body construction continues, adding the familiar "Salt". Color matching, and the color difference can be felt from the difference in material. YEEZY BOOST 700 The new color scheme "Salt" is scheduled to be officially released in the spring of 2019, and is suspected to be part of the YEEZY SEASON 8 program.

With the official start of December, the launch of the sneakers also ushered in a new month. In this month's role, the Spider-Man Air Jordan 1 is quite dazzling. As the release date is getting closer, new news has come out in recent days. The latest news is the name of the Air Jordan 1 Origin Story, which is designed by Jordan Brand for the upcoming super-animated animation system "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe". The new color scheme can be said to be 90% similar to the classic Chicago Air Jordan 1, with the most popular black and white and red color. This upper is made of high-quality lychee leather. The biggest change is the addition of polka-dot elements in the red part or the use of 3M illuminating material. The high degree of recognition is memorable. The ice-blue crystal outsole has been exposed for new details. Presented, it seems to have added gold powder embellishment, the details and texture are very good. At the same time, the shoe box has also become a highlight. The whole shoe box has a movie poster propaganda pattern printed on it. It is not known whether the commercial version will be such a shoe box.

This year is the first time that CLOT has cooperated with Jordan Brand. After seeing these sneakers with strong Chinese style, most people have recognized and loved the design of Guan Xige, and almost all the details of the whole pair of shoes have been re-created. Design, sincere. The CLOT x Air Jordan 13 Low shoes are made of dirty orange, light khaki and money gray suede material. The biggest highlight is that the upper is presented in a grid-like texture. The addition of wires and joints runs through. It seems to be integrated with the terracotta warriors and horses, and the golden enamel clothes. Cultural elements. In detail, the tongue and heel are embellished with CLOT and Jumpman gold logo, and the white crystal outsole is as beautiful as CLOT.

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