What Is The Differenences Between Tap-In Extensions and Keratin Bond Extensions?

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Tape in / glue wefts / tape hair or sandwich hair extensions is a fairly new extension method available.
The extensions are attached with either double-sided or single-sided polyurethane tape. In the case of double-sided adhesive tape, the weft is applied to the hair from one side after the carrier has been removed. The human hair weft and attached hair are pulled up, and another weft is attached to the other side of the band to "sandwich" the hair. Women with extremely thin hair, especially on the temples and on the side of the head, may need a single plate that is covered with one-sided tape.

  • The big advantage of the method is that it is the fastest method of application. Volume applications last approximately 20-30 minutes and full-length applications 45-60 minutes. The other advantages are:
  • No heat or tools required for an application
  • Plates lie flat on the head, practically invisible. Suitable for thin, fine hair
  • The safest method of hair extension, since the weight of the plate is spread over a larger area and the customer's hair is not damaged.
  • Reusable renewal method, takes 6-8 weeks

In the keratin bonding extension method, the individual strands are attached to your own hair with the help of a pair of heating tongs. It is important that the strands of your own hair are not too thin so that you can carry the weight. The method is certainly more complex than the tape-ins and takes a lot more time, but also has many advantages. With keratin bonds, we don't have to worry that the strands will slide off, because they are welded together. Another advantage of the method is the long-wearing time. Customers even wear the bonds for up to 6 months. However, to ensure a long-wearing time, you should have it checked regularly by a hairdresser and handle the extensions very carefully. The method is also for those who like to wear updos. It is easier to put up your hair than with tapes. When it comes to keratin bonds, we don't have to pay as much attention to it, e.g. going for a swim, since those are not attached with an adhesive, so it does not come off.

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