China Fireman Suit manufacturers

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Firefighters fire protective clothing in accordance with EN469: 2005 is designed for fire officers and social enterprises full-time or part-time firefighters daily fire, emergency (but not to having hazardous chemicals, gas, viruses, nuclear radiation, and other special environment wearing), when the relief wear.
1. Product Structure:
The firefighters fire protective clothing using a common international four (multi) layer structure
◆ surface layer (high temperature resistant permanent flame retardant aramid fiber fabric)
◆ waterproof breathable layer (aramid and high performance spunlace fabric breathable waterproof membrane complex)
◆ insulating layer (aramid insulation spunlace)
◆ comfort layer (Kevlar blend flame-retardant materials and high-performance comfort muslin)
The main technical performance:
2. Technical Specifications
◆ fabric flame retardant properties: length of damage ≤90mm, continued burning time ≤2s
◆ fabric strength: Tear strength ≧ 100N, breaking strength ≧ 850N
◆ thermal stability: After 260 ± 5 ℃ thermal stability test, the warp and weft shrinkage ≤2%
◆ waterproof breathable layer of hydrostatic pressure washed after 25 times greater than 50KPa, water vapor permeable properties ≧ 5000g / m² • 24h, according to oil ≧ grade 3
◆ four-layer structure of TPP> 32cal / cm²9. Visible horizons greater than 120 °.China Fireman Suit manufacturers

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