How to determine CNC machining route

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Before starting the CNC machining process, the path or motion of CNC machines needs to be determined by programming. How to determine the CNC machining route? Here are the steps. CNClathing.com provides lots of resources for designing and manufacturing CNC parts for reference. 
1. First, select the appropriate machine tool according to the blank material and the contour shape, size, and machining accuracy of the parts, and then analyze the process of CNC machining parts. The process analysis includes many aspects, from the aspect of machining possibility. The dimension marking on the part drawing shall be suitable for the characteristics of CNC machining, and the dimension shall be indicated with the same datum or the dimension coordinate shall be given directly. The geometric element conditions of the part contour shall be sufficient to facilitate the definition of all geometric elements of the part contour.

2. From the aspect of processing convenience, it is the formulation of the feed route. The selection of several processing methods and routes mentioned above is from the perspective of convenience. Thirdly, it is the choice of machining methods and the determination of the machining scheme, in order to ensure the accuracy and surface roughness of parts, to choose a reasonable scheme. The division of working procedures should be done as many as possible in one clamping. The division of working steps is mainly considered from two aspects of machining accuracy and efficiency.

3. In addition to this, the installation of parts and the selection of clamps should be considered. According to the different positioning of parts with different shapes, the clamping methods are different, and the selection of face clamps is also different. The selection of fixture should pay attention to two aspects: one is to ensure that the coordinate direction of the fixture is relatively fixed with the coordinate of the machine tool; the other is to ensure the dimension relationship between parts and machine tool coordinate. The selection of reasonable cutting tools and the appropriate cutting amount is mainly to ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness of parts. Taking these factors into account, a reasonable processing route is worked out.

4. When selecting the machining route of CNC machining center, on the basis of ensuring the machining accuracy and surface roughness, the production efficiency and machining quality shall be properly considered, and the number of tool change and clamping shall be reduced as far as possible to reduce the tool blank stroke, shorten the machining route and reduce the programming amount, so as to achieve the optimal route design.

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