To get a profession leveling process sustainable Kamas Dofus Retro

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To get a profession leveling process sustainable Kamas Dofus Retro, most of pvm-ers see themselves pressured to pvp, to receive the pebbles they want for all crafts. Hey, the day will come when even remember potions will require some sort of pebble accessible for kolo tokens. The way I see it, there should be a way around it, I don't understand, like, other recipes: use XXX quantities of critters resources and YYY amount of pebbles from kolo; or utilize XXXXX + AAAAA quantities of creature resources instead. I speak about it when I speak from pvp about idependence of pvm. Or why not make maybe, and servers for pvm just, and for pvp only a few for both genders; see where they would be players?

What would be the motivation for non - mid lev gamers to attend koth in regions that are so large for them, they do not push / xp/ do not anything there? Not for the time being, anyway. There ought to be some kind of concrete reward for attending koth/ ava fights. Some new tokens? Some pebbles? Why not? I suppose you are a player, are not you? You don't have any clue on the number of folks who used to play with this game, even if they had been more servers, some years ago. : - ) Also, maybe you'd like to see servers? To which veteran players go, rather than in a number, because it made Ankama allow everyone to play. Xx version of the game.

There are a whole lot of dungeons that are which I would consider game. It's not Kardorim and gobball dungeon. Ankama doesn't want you to remain under lv20 forever, just the oposite, the faster you progress to decently high degree (about 100 let us say) the better because you get enough spells for every component which makes the game more diverse, gives you enough usefulness spells that you can learn how to combine for successful combos. There are still grade content you can do, it is diverse too.

Um. You play couple of months to acquire a certain dofus or do quests and make it ensured? I do the second. Not to mention quests are much more enjoyable than doing the battle for 5 months. Quests are diverse, comprise different sort of fights, need a lot of thinking to perform particular struggles you would never see again, quests bring interesting lore into the dofus and people surrounding it (assess ebony lore for example and the 3 quests after you collect all 6 dofus, I honestly believe this is one of the greatest lores I've seen on dofus). Exactly cheap Dofus Kamas quests can be these rewards at mid level by way of instance because everyone basically uses red dofus. Quests additionally HELP players since dofuses is inefficient.

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