China Interior Door Knobs manufactures

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Item Number: HFR-004
Material: Zinc alloy  
Layer: 4 layer
Color: Bright nickel plating  
Certification: 48 hours of salt spray test
Name: Interior Door Knobs as Interior Wooden Door Knobs with Brushed Nickel Interior Door Knobs
Why choose Goldea?
GOLDEA is established in 1986, it is a professional exporter and manufacturer froDR08R-806m China.
GOLDEA is dedicated to provide one stop solution to every family, with various products including interior door, bathroom vanity, wardrobe as well as flooring.
GOLDEA exports to more than 70 countries, professional in exporting

Projects case
Can you supply the other customers required materials?
Yes,we can also supply the material report.
How many employees are in the line of business?
Totally, 1000 people; 40 of which focus on business with foreign clients and more than 1000 people are in the production line.China Interior Door Knobs manufactures

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