In the game with the Maplestory 2 Mesos support

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In the game with the Maplestory 2 Mesos support of MMOak we provide you more mesos and items which might be a great aid in the sportHow Do You Feel About MapleStory Flames SystemYes there is a great deal of debate about whether we MapelStory players must have Flames of Rebirth system a few players would like to get the system and

others want to find some reimbursement you understand its Nexon things would be really differentIts not impossible to eliminate systems and compensate gamers and it is not without precedent Just examine the changes they had to create to your EMS merge My equipment is all but fully nebbed with  percent and % STR and stats

nebs and I wouldnt head for another if they disappeared and we got additional options even without compensationIt is not more that much more difficult to place value on matters which vary from the norm for years that was the law at the property in Maple There was no question on the value of vs vs atk PACs for example Because

of this weaker players can manage a atk PAC Maple Story 2 Mesos while stronger players could opt for the atkThis creates a gap where great items have very little prospect of moving from the strongest players to the players Likewise the equips poorer players are basically worthless so they dont stand a chance of promoting them to make cash for greater

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