Microphone Isolation Shield in stock

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Professional Microphone Isolation Shield
The Sound Shield Live is a professional vocal reflection filter perfectly sized for any studio space.
This recording baffle uses high-density acoustic foam to prevent echoes and reduce ambient noise to a minimum, resulting in a cleaner recording even under undesirable conditions.
The curved metal panel is made to be durable, it's easy to move it from room-to-room as needed.
Designed for microphone-stand mounting, the Sound Shield Live features a wide adjustment range to accommodate any size microphone, so you don't get stuck working under your blankets or in your clothes-closet again.
Made with High-density EVA foam, 3 camber-shaped metal panels
High-quality metal design
Perfect for studio or field use
Mounts to microphone stand (not adjustable)
Made with professional high-density acoustic foam
High-quality metal design
Perfect for studio or field useMicrophone Isolation Shield in stock

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