Describe the Little History of Shaking Watches?

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Abraham-Louis Perrelet du Locle (1729-1826) inventor of the 'shaking watch' around 1770.

The search for automaticity in the winding of the watch is old. Breguet gave his watches rafiqsonsonline.com/product-category/casio/edifice/ with such a mechanism the term "perpetual", but nothing in this world is perpetual, in any case not a mechanical device. 
Its inventor called it "shaking watch", the English, a "pedometer" (pedometer type of selfwinding), since it was by the jolts of the step that it was reassembled. However, the latter term was incorrectly applied, the pedometer being a step counter based on the same principle.
Who was the inventor of the "shaking watch"?
It is a mistake to pretend, as we often read, that it is Breguet.
The first who built such parts was

Let us dwell for a moment on the name of this famous and modest watchmaker from Le Locle, born in 1729 and died in 1826. Despite being well known, it is never too much to highlight the merits of such a man.

Perrelet, says the Elder, was a watchmaker who, through his discoveries, gave a strong impetus to the manufacture of watchmaking in Le Locle. He is credited with the invention of the teeth planing machine, which preceded the rounding machine, and the planting tool. Continuous researcher, he tried a number of exhaust systems. He doubtless did not even think about having his inventions protected, because, a man of heart, he was, so to speak, for many years, the master of all the watchmakers of Le Locle. He trained many students who did him great honor, let us quote Jacques-Fréderic Houriet and his grandson Fréderic-Louis Perrelet.

We do not know of "shaking watches" made by Perrelet, because he sold his first watches to the great Neuchâtelois clockmaker, established in Paris, Abram-Louis Breguet (1747-1829) and to Louis Recordon (1778-1824) in London.

The information we give on this subject is not "we say"; we draw them from a certain source in the book "Biographies neuchâteloises". 
This writing, which dates from 1863, was made after Henri-Ernest Sandoz, from Le Locle, who knew Perrelet. He said verbatim: "It was he (Perrelet) who invented the perpetual or jerk watches, which wind themselves up by the movement that is imprinted on them by wearing them. 
The first ones he built were bought by Breguet and by a man named Recordon who lived in London; they were of a rather convenient use (except the size) and he had adapted a device to them which made it possible to reassemble them with a key when he was not carrying them ”.

Besides this writing, we have other proofs, in the history of Breguet's life, of the relations that he had with Perrelet. In what year did Perrelet invent this mechanism? We cannot say a date, because the documentation on this subject is lacking, in any case before 1780.

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