Air Jordan 33 Tech Pack released in October

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As we write the Air Jordan 33 Tech Pack information below, we are shivering from the feet to the head. This will be one of the most important if not the most important edition in the Air Max series this year. The original Hyper Blue colors on the Nike Air Max Plus TN model return to store shelves, which debuted 20 years ago! Until the tracksuit in the wardrobe begins to rustle with excitement.On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of TNek, the team from Oregon decides to restore the variant, which to this day is a cult item in this model. The silhouette that Sean McDowell is responsible for has been colored in shades of blue, with a darker shade at the bottom and lighter ones in the upper parts of the upper. The structure is surrounded by black-colored plastic elements that imitate palm leaves fluttering in the wind. This color is not accidental, because the whole concept was created during the sunset. Looking at the light we see only black and shape. By the way the sun - side mini Swoosh and Tuned Max system in the sole are in orange, while the rest of the sole is in white and black with a blue fin in the middle.Today, another pair of Oregon Ducks Air Jordan 3 PE models are exposed, and the overall color palette is quite eye-catching.
The same person is responsible for the design of this Nike Kyrie 4 Halloween shoe as for the "four-legged" - namely Ben Nethongkome. As for the general character, there are no strong changes here. It's still crucial to keep your feet up, like the best grip on the dance floor - even when it comes to the appearance, you feel that they are Irvingii. Nevertheless, in terms of technology, we see a new Zoom Air cushion (or more precisely, the Air Zoom Turbo) in the front of the shoe (without this one under the heel). This is not a classic unit to which you could get used, but as you can see in the pictures - "ponacinana" version. How will this option work? Go out in the laundry. Certainly there is an intrigue of an additional panel under the laces - a new variation of Nike that is to ensure the best fit and keeping the foot. On the uppers you can see a lot of meshu known from previous Irving, to this pattern of traction inspired Irvingiem, what has tattooed on his hands. The Oregon Ducks PE shoes are definitely a must-have for many sneakers and shoe fans.
One of the reasons why Kyrie Irving's Nike Zoom Fly Volt Glow sells very well is their price. I know that for some, it may sound slightly absurd, but the $ 120 that costs overseas (with us 500 PLN) is an affordable price for a signed model. Of course, they are not so packed with technology as Kobas or Duranta, but as we add to the Irving successful colors, we have a partial answer to why this line is doing well. Kyrie 5 are supposed to be a bit more expensive, because 130 $ - whether in Europe the price also jumps it is difficult to judge, because the retail to the US can be very different. If we again have here Cushlon foam instead of Phylon as in the predecessor, then finally can come out of this quite a successful model. Maybe because of the lack of leather panels there is not this eye-catching decoy, but the shape of "Friday" makes it look neater than the "fours".The shoe side is equipped with a velcro Swoosh, yellow and black with a random match, followed by a large "O" letter embellished with PE identity, the overall color from the details to the details are original.This shoe is still dominated by the representative color of the Oregon Ducks, with AJ3 burst cracks, full of anger.

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