In any event, Imagine my surprise when this guy hit me

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In any event, Imagine my surprise when this guy hit me with RS gold every piece of punctuation I never expected. He even typed"You're" instead of"Ur". My kid brain straight up couldn't wrap my mind about that and that I needed to cut him off with the first question that could come to anyones head,"Are you british?" Ironically, in retrospect, this wasn't a really intelligent premise, but young me assumed that everyone in the United Kingdom used just proper English and punctuation over online video games. He was really surprisingly kind, and retorted that simply because everyone else chooses to take the brief and easy way from English, he should not have to, he forms quickly anyway so it does not make much of a difference.

I am still not certain why this particular interaction happened heavily in my mind, but I believe it was just from the surprise in the time. I mean, talking in totally normal English online in 2006 was certainly not cool in me or some person in my age group's eyes, therefore seeing somebody with a vastly different perspective made me kind of realize that spelling and speaking like a goon had its own difficulties, and I began to make a genuine effort make sure my speech was clear and intelligible.

I started playing runescape once I was 7 after my brother introduced me to it. At 7 years old you don't actually have any idea what you're doing but I'll be damned if I didn't look fly as fuck in my own priest gowns and frog mask. The most limiting factor of Runescape game at that point wasn't ranging chickens in full bronze, it was that I could type about 3 words per minute, therefore that I could not really communicate with anybody. Fast forward 5 years old 12 and that I was in year 6 in college and won the class typing competition with a rate of 70+ WPM while each other non-runescape playing virgin was sitting in 20-40 WPM. I then banged the teacher and all the bitches in my course. And now I'm almost 21, nevertheless playing runescape regular and can type ~100WPM, nevertheless bang Mr. Green about the negative cause I'm such an epic typist.

I feel like if you do use perfect punctuation consistently in informal conditions, it includes a bit pretentious. Pretty fascinating how text language has embraced things like this though, such as how CAPS CAN BE SHOUTING. Particularly using fancy smancy words a lot too is strange. 'Retorted', who says that? That dis here man think he is? Tryin to Best OSRS Gold site carry our tasks? lol. Imo the worst is people verbally talking in leet speak to anybody who is not a close friend.

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