Overwhelming Power Maplestory 2 Mesos was originally an

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Overwhelming Power Maplestory 2 Mesos was originally an energetic buff skill that provides Attack Speed and subsequently transformed into a passive skill at the Heroes of Maple update So using the first part of proof we could suggest transferring theBooster skills Attack Speed to largelyWeapon Mastery andWeapon Expert abilities as well as some

other passive abilities as substitutes for some altered classes that have theirWeapon Expert abilities being intermittent The issue is this might mean having to place theBooster abilities Skill Points elsewhere which is especially problematic for courses that get theirBooster skills in their st Job Which brings usKaisers Blaze On and Blaze

Wizards Word of Fire So what you ask Using Blaze Word and On of Fire as inspiration what I am suggesting is substituting allBooster skills together with the newArms Training for nonMages andReflex Training for Mages These skills would give  Attack Speed point in addition to a little bit of WeaponMagic Attack while the 

remaining Attack Speed stage if theres any would buy Maplestory 2 Mesos need to be put in either theirWeapon Mastery or evenWeapon Expert skills In the case of Shade his Spirit Bond  could have a little bit of Weapon Attack added because Shade does not have aBooster skill and instead has Spirit Bond two as compromise This would solve the problem of

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