Feelings that Advertising should Evoke as People not Buy items But Emotions

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We publish an abstract of one of the parts of Victoria’s speech, in which she talked about the motives that encourage people to buy.

The brain aims to make decisions that increase the chances of survival. He is constantly looking for actions that will give us a feeling of confidence, individuality, belonging, recognition, security, sexuality, self-development and strength .

When an affiliate brand revglue.com/bespoke or product ad touches at least a few of these emotions, a pleasure center is activated in the mind. It gives a strong emotional response - a person begins to feel empathy for the company or wants to quickly acquire its products.

People do not like chaos. If you want the brand to have a lot of fans, stand for stability, security, fairness, broadcast confidence and give guarantees.

One way to connect a company in people's heads with reliability and confidence is to tell its story and mention the year of foundation.

Safety is a basic human need. We want to eat healthy food, live in an unpolluted environment, be healthy and protected from injuries.

A product marked "Organic" is automatically perceived by us as useful. Even if there is no confirmation in this.

Is your proposal a little dangerous? Be sure to tell how you minimize it. Automotive brands use this rule.

Our main biological goal is to extend the genus. That is why s$x is one of the most powerful motivators in people's lives . Understanding this, marketers often use sexual subtext in advertising campaigns.

In addition to the need for reproduction and s$xual pleasure, people want to feel love and be in good relations with parents and children. At the last IKEA likes to play.

Self development
The need for self-development makes us constantly study the world around us, set new goals and think critically.

Let people know that your product will help them become the best version of themselves . Most often, sports brands appeal redleos(.)com/pk/brand-development-services/ to this motive in marketing.

We strive to get around others in everything: to be more successful, richer, stronger and more influential. Many advertisers press on this - they promise that owning a thing will make us cooler than others.

Also, the instinct of dominance will work if you show that with your product a person will not just become better, but not at all like everyone else.

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