RS gold game absolutely requires gold/item sinks

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RS gold game absolutely requires gold/item sinks....but, I really do concur that the 15 timer to run back is sort of absurd - I enjoy the concept of owning a torso at your death spawn and paying right on the place. I believe like seasoned RuneScape players can get to just about anyplace in RuneScape game over five minutes, so people that don't have just as much game experience/knowledge are really hurt by this. If that is put into game though, they should make it if you get back to your death spot within 3 minutes or something there's no passing fee charges lol.

I have played RuneScape game it began with taking trade and completely removing the wilderness that made me depart RuneScape game supporting, came back a year and a half after a 12 year break. The constant incorrect bans for RuneScape players that have played their accounts for years, the account safety and lack of consumer care. Two weeks ago I eventually cancelled my membership, although do not get me wrong, I have had fun with the directors, raids etc, I refuse to play a game that's managed by those who do not enjoy its RuneScape player base.

Why is it I can't read any of these posts that are contrary to the changes without it seems like the OPs are just complaining about it.I just know a few bosses, but I am all for the suggested changes to make deaths feel more meaningful. Go with an escape route in prepared, or accept that you need to pay a little fee to recover your equipment. Most of the prices aren't that much as they'd clarified in the article. Personally I always liked the fact that when you died your items will appear for additional RuneScape players, yet, I can take that going back to a system such as that isn't viable when there is this kind of problem with RWT, that would give RuneScape players a bonus to buy 2007 runescape gold attempt and get others killed at bosses either through in-game mechanics or from DOS/DDOS strikes.OSRS -- 5 Finest Skills to Reach 99

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