For now, let's get WoW gold in wow classic Classic

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For now, let's get WoW gold in wow classic Classic first. Let them deliver it in the closest form to Vanilla as you can. Obviously WoW Classic will go rancid after 2-3 years since there's no further development, but THAT is exactly the time for these changes. THAT is going to be the time to choose whether to go on to TBC for a preservation project, or to develop WoW Classic further, down a different path. A match with Vanilla WoW doctrine but fresh content and new metas. But right now, just hold your horses. You're referring to eating the cake when you haven't finished your soup.

I feel that most people are going to play WoW Classic till a point where they break of having restricted mana, becoming one shotted, wiping 300+ times, items getting stolen, each guild hoping to replicate Leeroy Jenkins, an excessive amount of grind, bad luck attack, bad luck wipes (taunt overlook for instance ), and many many many other shit they never saw before will make them quit WoW Classic or return to retail. That's my point of view. I had been kicked from a guild in TBC since"I lose mana too fast". One more thing; I actually agree with your point of some specs aren't going to be seen played raid will be a game breaker. As myself I will play improvement shaman on account of the broken windfury they'd had, but I believe that I'm not likely to stop playing retail too on account of the simple fact that I'm really enjoying it (Yeah I fucking understand retail is trash waah waah).

I really love the images and the narrative, and I believe that what blizzard did in relation to class balancing and changes isn't great but great for all specs. 1 final point old does not need to be gold WoW Classic won't be still a success if blizzard didn't work their asses off to make this huge content which"isn't worth my 12 dollars". I love WoW I have been playing since TBC and that I adore what blizzard is doing, it had been great and still great. This very one final thing I always wanted to state SOO was a really cool raid with very awesome mechanics with whole lot range of it (perhaps not you, you fucking bastard goblin boring shit boss). Despite the failure of a race show they finished the explanation using a badass struggle and also an epic ending.

Don't think WoW Classic will endure for too long, maybe in 1 year will be lifeless. What many of those players want from the WoW Classic release is nostalgia, and nostalgia is basically a memory of the sensation of"good old times" forgetting or ignoring the downside of it. Many players will feel the difficult fact that WoW Classic won't be exactly what they expect to be, that they do not fully remember what are the slow mechanisms, the slow leveling, and the trash boss mechanisms etc.. They want something that Blizzard can not give to them, which was only possible in 2004 since WoW was a exceptional game, a scarce game that may give to them a exceptional experience. Nowadays many MMORPGs will soon be launch in 2019+ which are far more attractive that WoW now and WoW Classic can be but many players don't wanna the emotional breakup with all the Warcraft franchise.

The simplest way to detect how false is nostalgia is look for the images of games that you thought was amazing back at the"gold old days". I enjoyed a lot of wow classic gold Spider-man 2 and Starwars Battlefront from PS2, but now I can't see how that has been amazing images to me. It's a false memory that deceive you to think that in the event that you encounter something old will be equally as great as used to be. They are not. WoW Classic without mechanic changes and material changes are going to be a game with expiry date.

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