Kamas Dofus Retro requires a somewhat darker

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Kamas Dofus Retro requires a somewhat darker and more mature twist. He clearly retains his comedy, which turns out to be only a bit darker than usual. In this expansion, players will find 4 new zones with quite different atmospheres governed by their 4 superboss: the Cavaliers of this Eliocalypse. During these epic quests, the adventurers will gather information about the identities of those terrible things, hints about what awaits them in 2020, but most importantly, fantastic battles.

This upgrade is also an opportunity to make many improvements, beginning with the well of Infinite Dreams. This inexhaustible dream loop is a kind of"infinite dungeon" where rooms and hordes of creatures are provided to gamers in a pseudo-random manner. From now, everything is evolving: problem levels, rewards and gambling expertise. The in-game shop is getting a facelift and the DOFUS soundtrack is following in its footsteps because the first large part of the music has been re-orchestrated and remastered.

Finally, course balance remains a matter of all seasons: the time, it was the Sacriers and the Osamodas, amongst others, who were treated to a blow of gloss. Finally, a December update would not be complete if it didn't provide Kwismas Island to buy Dofus Kamas its community: the inescapable meeting of every end of the year, with its (poisoned) gifts carefully wrapped beneath the snowy firs.

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