Copper tungsten alloys factory

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Copper Tungsten Electrode,WCu electrode, WCu electrode for PCD grinding,70WCu,80WCu
Equipped with productive copper tungsten electrode factory, Xi'an Kefeng Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd is a professional China copper tungsten electrode manufacturer.
KEFENG produces a variety of copper tungsten materials, copper tungsten electrodes are our hot products.
We can offer 65%W-35%Cu,70%W-30%Cu,75%W-25%Cu,80%W-20%Cu alloys materials.
Copper Tungsten Electrode for Walter, Vollumer machine
As the copper tungsten materials have the good thermal and electrical conductivity, it mostly used in EDM electrode and other electrode materials and electrical contac materialt.
From our copper tungsten property chart, you will get more information.
Machined copper tungsten alloy parts are our advantage, if our customers require, we can produce as their drawings.Copper tungsten alloys factory

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