We wish to take the opportunity to converse with Kamas Dofus Retro

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We wish to take the opportunity to converse with Kamas Dofus Retro you and provide our tales time to develop naturally.Our new subject will echo throughout all our endeavors. Our goal is to plunge you into an adventure that is even more epic than any we have told up to now. And because of this epic adventure to take on all of the magnitude and significance it deserves, we're going to let it develop over several years.ELIOCALYPSE is the name of this theme that will grow over the next three years in our games and Krosmoz-related media. We'll allow you to speculate at your leisure about what that could imply.It will unfold more than three chapters (one annually ). We're eager to share this experience as it starts to unfold slowly with another update in DOFUS and mid-year in WAKFU!

Discover the brand new format to your favorite match in 2019! We declared the DOFUS World Series came to a close and could be replaced with a brand new structure in 2019. With this new year, we have opted to put the emphasis on the community aspect. Our principal purpose is to make it easier for all players to get involved with DOFUS contest should they want.In September 2018, an institution organizing tournaments was created inside the community, KTA. Ankama joined up with this initiative to give it a boost by giving a cash prize of $ 1,000 for season 1 and a helping hand with communication.

In 2019, KTA is currently carrying on from February to May and then from July to October. Considering that KTA's first season's achievement, we have decided to encourage them even more completely this year, notably with funding. For those eight months, this will notably let them offer you:frequent tournaments on a tournament server (instead of on the BETA server as had been the case for the first season); higher cash awards than last year; and transmissions of the exact same quality as throughout the DWS for every season's orgasm. We're pleased with the character of the job of KTA because the institution was established, and we are thrilled to offer them more detailed support to buy Dofus Kamas year of DOFUS competition!

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