Loose Imitation Silver Leaf factory

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Loose imitation silver leaf 16cms x 16cms without interpaper(5,000 leaves/box)
ITEM NAME:Loose imitation silver leaf 16cms x 16cms without interpaper(5,000 leaves/box)
FEATURES:·Loose imitation silver leaf 16x16cms without interpaper is made from 100% Aluminum.
The packing way WITHOUT INTERPAPER makes the package lighter and helps to save shipping cost.
The size 16x16cms is the usual size accepted by most customers.
PACKING DETAILS:Packing details:  
·Each leaf in size: 16cms x 16cms.
·Without tissue paper between leaves.
·Each 100 leaves(or 50 leaves) separated from neighbouring 100 leaves by one small tissue paper;
·Each 500 leaves(or 250 leaves) wrapped in one big tissue paper;
·Each 5,000 leaves packed in one silvery polybag and then put into a white box.
·weight per box (including box): different weights available, such as 400 grams, 450 grams, 500 grams…
·Each 20 boxes in one export carton.
SAMPLES:Approval sample for a bulk order could be provided free of charge.
PAYMENT TERMS:Payment in advance is required.
Bank wire transfer, Western Union or Paypal is acceptable.
SHIPMENT MEANS:To be shipped by express, by air or by sea.
PRICES:Prices will be quoted according to specific demand quantities.Loose Imitation Silver Leaf factory

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