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Blizzard has rolled out another classic gold Layered Realms Update to World of Warcraft Classic, intending to crack down on players' continuing misuse of the population management technology, which generates numerous instances of the same host to avoid users having to wait for key loot and enemies to respawn. Beginning in September, definite WoW Classic players happen to be using layering to force unlimited respawns for quick levelling, but Blizzard has taken note, already banning numerous consumers and beginning the process of eliminating Layered Realms altogether.

The studio removed layering from a number of servers earlier this month, however now's update has taken that almost full circle, with 18 more realms now layer-free, as recorded in a post on the Blizzard forums that also promised that the staying Layered Realms will be addressed soon after that.In more exciting news, the more Diremaul dungeon is now reside in the remastered vanilla edition of the hit MMO, and Halloween has come to Azeroth in the form of the Hallow's End event, which runs throughout the eerie season up till early November.

Blizzard has also assured that the more is on the way for WoW Classic this season, and hopefully these Layered Realms upgrade will bring a definitive conclusion to one of the game's main problems so far. Watch this space dwellers. For more, check out the very best MMORPG games to play right now, or watch our Dialogue Options video below for a further exploration of open world games.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands marks the eighth major expansion pack for the MMO. Inspired by a half playing it at BlizzCon this season, it looks like a natural growth of cheap classic wow gold contemporary WoW that will run together with the very-different WoW Classic experience for the foreseeable future. That said, the biggest change was not a part of my hands-on demo--but do not worry, that will not prevent me from geeking out of it in extreme detail.

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