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This skips all of the content before buy classic gold the previous expansion to give players the most modern experience from a pursuit design POV (also to be certain that the players are linked with the present storylines). Additionally, it ensures players have a leveling ramp that is shorter --Blizzard says it'll be up to 70% shorter than it's now to get to the cap from level one.

However, it becomes even more interesting when you look at how it will work for alts (second or later personalities created by present players). New characters created by players will have the choice of leveling the way up in the exact same old zones from the beginning. However they will also be able to experience the new-player beginning experience if that is what gamers prefer.

Further, once the new personality has completed the beginning zone, the player can then decide to level up to 50 in any former expansion of their choice--vanilla/classic, The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, or Legion. The growth's content will climb perfectly with the personality level, and each is tuned so that reaching level 50 involves playing through the content in a similar pace to a similar degree of completion as those expansions provided when they were current content.

So, I could make a Mechagnome Hunter, play through whichever starting area I'd like, and then pick Mists of Pandaria or Legion as my leveling expansion for that character. I'd be ready for content After I ended leveling through that growth.

Blizzard hasn't talked about what it intends to do after Shadowlands wow classic gold I speculate that the longterm solution would be to do this expansion--so in another expansion, Blizzard might move Battle for Azeroth to the great number of alternatives for new character-leveling adventures and push level-cap personalities back down to 50 to begin whatever expansion comes following Shadowlands--an odd hybrid of traditional MMO and a seasonal version common in plenty of contemporary multiplayer games.

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