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Because this was an cheap wow classic gold early questing experience and not an endgame one, I did not find much awareness of how Covenants--Shadowlands' brand new Order Hall, Garrison, or even War Campaign-like systems--work. Neither did I have much time to dive to the story, though I saw enough to understand that, should you prefer the taste of the recent WoW expansions, you will probably enjoy this one, too. (I, for one, am thankful we're likely to have a brief respite from the Alliance vs. Horde war narrative ) However, the most interesting thing Blizzard is altering was not a part of my demo.

Frankly, the aspect of Shadowlands I am most excited about is an overhaul of this leveling system--something which was not part of this demonstration in a major way. This kind of breaks the principles of a hands-on article, but I want to take an opportunity to discuss it and why I think it's interesting, no matter, since it came up in my interview with WoW developers.

Whereas characters in the current Battle for Azeroth expansion cap out at level 120, the cap at Shadowlands will be 60--just as it had been when the game first launched and only because it is in World of Warcraft Classic. Level-120 characters will be scaled down to level 50 when Shadowlands launches.

That might seem strange or negative to individuals who aren't playing WoW, but it is really something a great number of today's WoW players are searching for. As the levels rose inside this 15-year-old game that honestly was not designed using a 15-year strategy in mind, Blizzard encountered all sorts of annoying sport design issues that players have been cranky about, also wow classic gold The WoW group has crunched player stats such as health and mana down on multiple events as a means to postpone fully solving the problem, so this really is the culmination of something that's been underway for a few years now.

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