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Since this was an classic gold wow early questing experience and not an endgame one, I didn't get much awareness of just how Covenants--Shadowlands' brand new Order Hall, Garrison, or War Campaign-like systems--work. Neither did I have a lot time to dive to the story, though I watched enough to understand that, should you prefer the flavor of the recent WoW expansions, you'll probably enjoy this one, too. However, the most fascinating thing Blizzard is altering wasn't a part of my presentation.

Frankly, the facet of Shadowlands I am most excited about is that an overhaul of the leveling platform --something that wasn't part of the demonstration in a major way. This kind of breaks the rules of a hands-on article, but I want to have an chance to discuss it and I think it's intriguing, no matter, since it came up in my interview with WoW programmers.

After rumors about this potential for the past several expansions, Blizzard has finally followed through on a level crunch. Whereas characters in the current Battle for Azeroth expansion cap out at level 120, the cap at Shadowlands will be 60--just as it was when the game first launched and only because it is in World of Warcraft Classic. Level-120 characters will probably be scaled down to level 50 when Shadowlands launches.

That might seem strange or negative to those who aren't currently playing WoW, but it's actually something a great number of today's WoW gamers are asking for. Since the levels rose in this 15-year-old game which honestly wasn't designed with a 15-year plan in your mind, Blizzard struck all sorts of frustrating game design issues that players have been cranky about, also. The WoW group has already crunched player stats like health and mana down multiple events as a way to postpone completely solving the problem, so this is the culmination of something that has been underway for a couple of decades now.

And few things were problematic from a design buy wow gold classic perspective than the experience of leveling a brand new character up from level one. A level-based MMO this late in existence seemingly has had three options:Never raise the level cap, and attempt to lure players along with different rewards besides linear power progression in the endgame. WoW opted not to go with this, though some other MMOs (such as The Elder Scrolls Online) have adopted it to varying degrees.

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