On paper this could seem MyWOWGold really tedious

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On paper this could seem MyWOWGold really tedious and dumb, but in-game it's a terrific way to make players feel like they've worked hard to"earn" whatever rewards the game doles out. The pleasure of Classic is currently spending countless hours doing the identical thing over and over again, hating yourself only to acquire that sword you wanted, thus validating those hundreds of hours that you spent banging your head against a wall.

Through the years, Blizzard has generated a variety of changes to WoW that players do not need to spend 40 hours weekly in WoW just to enjoy the bare minimum of what the game has to offer. With the Dungeon Finder, players can simply open an menu up and seconds be paired with other players. The quest tracker that was enhanced removed all ambiguity from finishing challenges in game, telling players what enemies to kill so as to fulfill quest objectives or precisely where they have to go. While the game's mechanics got more complex, Blizzard made the sport"simpler" by reducing the amount of time gamers wasted in-game bumbling around trying to figure out how to get to the good stuff.

The Dungeon Finder and enhanced quest tracker didn't radically change the WoW experience, but they were the most notable of many little"quality of life" changes Blizzard rolled out over the decades to ensure the WoW had something to offer all players, regardless of their time commitment. Instead of spending four hours in a 40-player group to potentially get an update for your personality, the current model of WoW promises a reward if you can find 30 minutes.

Despite Blizzard's best intentions to make the game more accessible to a broader audience, the devaluing of time had the unfortunate effect of not just alienating veteran players that felt WoW no longer resembled the game they have grown to enjoy, but also overwhelming gamers with a lot to do after they hit maximum level. In 15 years WoW moved out of a tedious grind of running exactly the exact same content over and over again, to being flush with matters to do that there is this running classic gold wow algorithm in your head that's always calculating what the best reward you can get together with the limited amount of time you have.

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