Madden developers have utilized X-Factors

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Talking of Vick, the retired quarterback jokingly advised the official Ravens website he is upset about getting dethroned as the speediest virtual quarterback in history. "The Madden rating is probably the one thing I'm slightly hot about," Vick said. "He's about to Madden 20 coins break my (single-season QB racing ) record, and he's taking my Madden record, also? Man, can not we have the same speed?" So how do the Madden programmers try to fight the popular usage of Jackson? For starters, they've introduced X-Factor this year, which provides players special abilities. An X-Factor participant is somebody who really stands out from ordinary players on the field.

Madden developers have utilized X-Factors that were special to lure users to play more stationary quarterbacks such as Drew Brees and Tom Brady. But at the end of the day, players can select what they prefer to play with the ideal. "Typically our players like playing with mobile quarterbacks over pocket quarterbacks, and even this season we kind of made an effort to generate X-Factor skills a bit more successful for pocket quarterbacks to see if we could balance that out," Oldenburg said. "And it's balanced out to a level, but it's just more fun to run around and make plays with a mobile quarterback and that is why I believe our players gravitate to that "

Over the previous ten years, Digital Arts has appeared to grow the Madden Championship Series to new levels through several strategic initiatives. Those efforts include the introduction of Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) in 2014, five years after the game programmer launched FIFA Ultimate Team, as well as new game modes such as Superstar KO deployed in September. This season, EA also notably altered the dates of its four major tournaments in the Madden Championship Series to match exclusively with tentpole events throughout the NFL season.

The aim here is to further grow interest in the Madden esports league with better capitalizing on the eyeballs the NFL pulls as North America's most-watched sports league, according to Matt Marcou, EA's Madden NFL competitive gaming commissioner. Similar to EA's FIFA Global Series, Madden's leading tournaments need players to be eligible online and compete in live contests for grand prizes. The most prestigious of these aforementioned majors, the Madden 20 Club Championship, concluded earlier this season. "The Club Championship began as a trial with cheap Madden nfl 20 coins eight teams," said Marcou. "We've since expanded the concept into a major where we have all 32 NFL teams represented as the number of players and sponsorship interest has grown."

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