What Is Lace Front Wigs & How To Install A Lace Frontal Wig?

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Lace front wigs used to be very expensive and were only made for film productions, which is why they are also called film approach wigs. But now they are also widely applied by common people who pursue top quality texture and natural-looking wig style!

What Is Lace Front Wig?

A lace front wig has a so-called film neck made of very fine tulle lace in the forehead area. This material is almost transparent so that your own scalp can see through. The wig base takes on the color of your own scalp. The wig looks very realistic on all skin types and can hardly be distinguished from your own hair. Both hand-knotted wigs and braid wigs can be equipped with a lace front.

The fine silicon top makes the hand-tied hair look like it is growing out of the scalp. Since they are evenly distributed in the tulle, they can be combed in different directions. This means that you can pull the parting of a lace front wig as you like it. A pony is also possible. In order to maintain the highest quality, the wig should consist of real hair and be hand-knotted on monofilament. The monofilament merges seamlessly into the film approach. This wig is the best choice if you want an understated wig.

How To Apply A Lace Front Wig

To attach a lace front wig you need adhesive strips, wig glue or skin glue such as mastic. When the wig is removed, the mastic adhesive is removed again with the mastic remover.

  • First clean your forehead in the area where the transparent wig attachment will be attached later. If you still have a lot of your own hair, it is advisable to use a wig hood. Your own hair must be completely hidden under the hood.
  • Before using the skin glue, position the lace front wig on your head to find out the correct dimensions of the film base.
  • Now the correct length of the extension is visible so that you can cut off the protruding parts. However, you should make sure that parts of the tulle that are provided with hair remain. You are only allowed to cut off the parts of the outfit that interfere with wearing the wig and that would be very noticeable on your forehead. The adhesive film on the forehead can later be covered with make-up. Check out the detailed guide of Lace Front Wig Installing.

What Does Capless Mean For Lace Front Wigs?

Now fold back the film base and apply the skin adhesive carefully and sparingly on your forehead. Suggest the approach again and press it firmly so that it forms a firm connection with the skin adhesive. Attach the wig in the area of your ears and neck with glue. Once you've glued the wig in place, wipe the excess glue off your skin.

Hand-knotted lace front wigs made of virgin hair are lighter than synthetic hair wigs and fall more naturally over your shoulders.

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