One thing that I forgot to say RS gold

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One thing that I forgot to say RS gold, which is associated with my point on the market. They're actually really beneficial to the market since they serve as a gold dump for runescape gamers buying the bonds at the GE. Every bond purchased on their website is basically 8M or so removed from the ingame wealth pool, which is fantastic to help alleviate mass inflation (it will help but there's still a lot of inflation in runescape because of incredibly rare items that we got lucky getting [party hats, santa hat, etc].

This is *the solution most companies select. There is countless people that are Chinese, and China is the #1 distributor of farmers. Sheer manpower straight up overwhelms if there's trading between people 20, any kind of system a game could have. Individuals get jobs where their change is 8+ hours of gold. Its not a gold farming bot. Its a"legitimate" account together with the sole goal of playing 8+ hours a day and farming gold until it transfers it and gets banned. This is a problem faced by almost any game with any type of grindable and tradeable currency (so all them).

WoW has their WoW Tokens to solve the exact same issue. Its more costly, but its safe and guaranteed. GW2 enables a financial transformation speed between Gold to Gem and uses Gems for purchases and their makeup. Runescape uses Bonds. Is FFXIV. However, Gil at FFXIV is relatively useless unless you are attempting to buy a big home or some minions, so that is really the reason why they don't have a massive Gil farming problem, (however they do still have a *lot* of sites dedicated to buy runescape 3 gold that type of RWT).

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