the GD Kamas Dofus Retro team from Ankama

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To answer your queries, the GD Kamas Dofus Retro team from Ankama sat around a table! Balancing dreams and fresh expansion, we take stock! Along with also a date for the launch date has even been awarded! Many subjects were discussed for an hour and a half that seemed very short, too short, and there is a outline welcome!

Some clarifications have been made about this extension's four zones: The 4 zones AND dungeons are level 200. They will all be present in December. Everyone's quests can be completed by you. It is of no importance, as. Part II in January will include the end of the primary quests. All the other content announced so far, with will be from Part 1 in December. The expansion is evaluated by GDs of a comparable scale to Saharach / Frigost (III specifically ). There will be content!

Small spoils surfaced! Bosses will thus have anti-shackle mechanisms (Rall + Push), as for Ilyzaelle, and will not need the learning of a spell such as Necronyx (* reliefs *). The December update will only include changes to the Osamodas and Sacriers. Class revamps are nevertheless planned for next season, together with Cra in the crosshairs (...). The GD wish to maintain the gameplay easy, so there's no need to fear!

Several classes will be added into the mixer shortly (update not defined ). The Sacrier (again ) along with the Steamer, considered a priority are such as buy Dofus Kamas on the table. It was also clarified that on the contrary, a few classes would not have significant modifications, in 2.54 or later. The Ouginaks and Fecas were consequently mentioned. Be aware that the cat was divided by the only mention of retouching on both of these classes.

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