This content seems idle and half-assed

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This content seems idle and half-assed. I understand the niche uses of these items and I wholeheartedly enjoy the assumption of fresh food, new potions, and RuneScape Mobile gold the blessed flask, but the way that these pieces of articles were implemented completely pushes me away out of it. I won't participate in this content on either of my account. I feel myself gradually disengaging with runescape with each upgrade. I get frustrated every single time and at this point I have lost faith. The quality keeps falling enjoy the runescape player base.

Jagex understands the idea should they add the tiniest"BIS" behind a giant mill wall, people will do the job for it no matter what, which accumulates play hours, but not really fun. New content should receive fixes within a week, as leaving them broken for too long can create runescape players reach a stage where its worth engaging. For instance as runescape players such as myself got Farming out of Dragons they opt to nerf the XP alongside another TH XP promo that is lamp.

Wholeheartedly agree. Herblore and 120 Farming have been a huge disaster. My take on the issue is the grindfest isn't the problem, but rather that the entire content is unrewarding and/or useless. 118 Herblore is what, such as 85m xp? For attaining that level is a flask that may hold extreme prayer potions and the benefit? What about powerburst potions? Not only are they expensive to make, but only very few of them are completely useless and also the ones that are not, are very niche.Hell, do not even allow me to begin on bombs and primal feasts.

I do not mind grindfests that is gigantic, as long as the rewards are well worthwhile for example trimmed masterwork. But seriously speaking for Herblore, nothing over Elder Overloads is remotely close to being worth the grind. Would you provide any examples of what you're discussing? I recall when Menaphos came out, which was mid-level content, and individuals only complained for justifiable reasons as much as I could tell.

That is true for plenty of runescape gamers like me, but I guarantee you I am not like this. I know how terrible the low-mid game is now. I 100% think that jagex needs to cater to the average noob, NOT runescape players like me. I am not upset that how to get money on old school runescape the updates"dont appeal to me," as some have accused me. I want quality updates for runescape, therefore people of all ability levels can appreciate it. At this time they cater the elitist pvmers, MTX whales, and mobile-game runescape players (look at the absolutely garbage runescape ads on other websites if you havent). The majority of runescape is content and it's fucking horrendous.

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