Take for example the frog bargain RuneScape gold

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Take for example the frog bargain RuneScape gold - it wasn't even from the patch notes. I also constantly hear from my friends of"someone said that you need X, Y, Z" for new content or some particular change will be made, but I haven't even seen it myself, regardless of checking on Reddit every few days. I believe someone uploaded DM a showing how J-mod shared information concerning an impending update or something else. DIRECT MESSAGES! I'm quite certain some J-mods share info with friends, despite it being wrong and I am certain against the contract, however since most can continue to keep their mouths closed, it doesn't come public. Reddit has issue it's ran by community and the moderators will focus on protecting their perspectives over general.

I forgot they stream on their website. TIL, Jagex owns Twitch and Twitch is not yet another social media. What we have is far better than the official forums/news feed. There are communication channels for every jmod, for them to share what they're working on, and also for us to provide feedback that is targetted. The reason is it was a hotfix. This past week that hotfix was declared on the twitch stream. (which it appears you believe official/theirs) Hotfixes normally show up on another patch notes, therefore it will likely be recorded on Monday's patch notes.

Twitch is different, because they announce that a stream is going live in-game, there is certain times streams happen (which can also be listed in news articles ) and you can re-watch them on YouTube or Twitch. Fantastic luck understanding that some J-mod commented some information somewhere. I wouldn't mind them with social media as they do right now, if they also gave same advice exactly the same time more official and widely more reachable platforms.As I explained previously, you requesting for Jagex to become hushed. There is only so much rs gold 2007 which can be said on the flow. Jmods like to interact with the community and answer questions they may have. That is one place runescape is than other games. You're literally asking for Jagex to never interact with the community out of these avenues in relation to runescape.

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