This career will grow more important Dofus Kamas

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This career will grow more important Dofus Kamas in the adventure, and will bring a brand new family of critters! This overhaul also encircles the terraced regions of Astrub. Therefore, the Field of Rush, the Champs d'Astrub, the Calanques of Astrub, the Forest, the Prairie and the Quarry have been modernized. The movements between the rest of the twelve's world and town will be facilitated thanks to streets leading to the cardinal points. Main and secondary streets will probably be present to accompany new Dofus players, and they will be prevented by signs placed across the road from getting lost.

Mysteries secrets and treasures are hidden on the planet of the Twelve, and also the secret of the Dalles is just one of these. Greater than a decade old, he was discovered by the Liche Dofus player.If Ankama has ever enjoyed playing with details and words, there are still lots of secrets on the planet of the Twelve who are just waiting to be shown. After over ten years of puzzle, a classic riddle is emerging, and it's linked to the slabs scattered around the continent...

Found in this Crackers' Low Mountain, the myth tells that in this cave could be treasures able to transform any individual approaching it. It would even be a safe that could open just. Liche, Dofus player and youtuber known to the Dofus community, reap the benefits of this opening of servers to attempt to unravel this mystery, and finally reveal what is hidden in Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale the Crackers! Everything has not gone as intended. However, this experience is not over yet elements have arrived, and that which suggests that the hunt is just starting.

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