McCambridge was summoned into a meeting

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Jagex dropped its effort to appeal against McCambridge victory over RuneScape gold.

HHJ Stacey ordered that the original Employment Tribunal which heard McCambridge's situation reconvene to choose whether or not he had contributed to his sacking -- and also to choose what remedies (damages) to award him. McCambridge first saw it at 7am, later pointing it into a death colleague -- the"only person" he advised that day about it, as the tribunal judges discovered.

The appeal ruling recounted: By lunchtime that day a bunch of nine workers at an off-road work occasion in a restaurant were playing exactly what the Tribunal known as a bidding game -- Guess the Pay of the Executive you could call it where people would shout out a guess and be informed if the salary was higher or lower than the guess, until somebody gave an accurate bidding. McCambridge was not at the dinner. He was"in the office completely unaware of what was occurring at the off-site work occasion". Angry staff faced managers about Mudassir pay packet.

Meanwhile, an oblivious McCambridge came to work the next morning, saw the offending visa program still on display beside the communal printer and"put it in a discreet waste bin". Nonetheless, management wanted blood. McCambridge was summoned into a meeting with lead designer David Osborne, who had had his chest poked from the organiser of their lunch that was off-site as to the degree of the wages of Mudassir. McCambridge, the tribunal ruled, didn't take the visa application record left on the printer for anyone to read was confidential. He was also"open about the three people he had said it to".

McCambridge was subsequently summoned to a cheap OSRS gold hearing -- again, heard by David Osborne -- also was sacked the day for misconduct. Jagex accused McCambridge of not showing"remorse for your actions or consideration for the wounded party, rather suggesting the blame is the celebration for leaving the info on the printer".

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