When establishing version 2.52 Kamas Dofus Retro at BETA

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When establishing version 2.52 Kamas Dofus Retro at BETA, a new category of achievement can be discovered from the Dofus gamers: that of"Temporis III". So we knew for several days, months, not to say, that this event would come back without suspecting them's subject almost. Indeed, via the search for success in the related interface, it was possible to spot some successes associated with this new Season of Temporis and these worried:Achievement of Alignment Quests, and related order quests.Search and catch City Hunt Notice (Gobrechaun, Vashkiwi, Darma, Jerart Dupaindur etc.. )Conquer the guardians of the dungeons of Frigost.

So you need to expect to do something maybe not that consuming, and it is likely that targets will be accessible on the servers. It will be necessary to be patient to know more.If it's not yet done, do not forget to obey the newest music coming to DOFUS during its redesign, Brakmar and Bonta concerns!

For people who have joined the Dofus community or who'll be taking their first steps, maybe these servers don't tell you anything. Servers are servers with a life where everything must be redone and in which the rules of Dofus can differ from traditional servers. First fights, initial quests, first falls wages. Everything must be redone on these servers whose aim is to indicate a competition into the Dofus gamers by following buy dofus kamas echo game rules which could be altered upsetting Dofus game customs.

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