What I am worried buy gold wow classic us about is

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What I am worried buy gold wow classic us about is; warriors, rogues and mages being elitist cunts, thinking they are so good at WoW Classic if it is simply their course being more successful than others. I'm worried they're going to feel entitled to boss other gamers about and feel as they should be rewarded more. It happened back in the day, it is going to

happen again.I'm likely to play a balance druid in WoW Classic because I am going to play quietly and mainly play pvp. But I can see now folks stating, balance is not viable, you can not raid with us. No, equilibrium isn't OPTIMAL. But still, I don't want them to balance classes. As an example, I need balance druids to have their spells mana cost reduced or partially reimbursed on crit (such as mages should they spec to it). But if they enthusiast equilibrium druids like this they are going to be really powerful in pvp if they are fairly decent.

I mean the probability of what you mentioned actually occurring in actual pvp battlegrounds is unlikely someone will either cc or nuke you. Epic mount can grab up real quickly. The issue with everybody here is that men are acting like this item is the absolute best when in fact its discretionary. Yea sequentially using items can be an

advantage but you'd gave to be good at timing the gcd and many pvpers are not capable of utilizing this thing as efficiently to begin with.Cost a lot of cash? Its worst 50 silver to the pattern if more players play that is it will be even cheaper. Second farming swift thistle is simple when you have a nice herb path. Sure being resistant to crowd management for 10 seconds is nice but Its only useful in certain conditions. Slimming stats for cc immunity when you can use free action potion which is 30 minutes longer than enough time to perform all sorts of philosophical tactics such as retreating chasing down.You can pop potions like candies when you have enough of it.I

get you guy, I main Druid. OF COURSE I would like to be able to pump up enormous amounts of DPS in kitty shape and absolutely wreck anyone I see in PvP and shirt the DPS meters. It'd be entertaining... for about a week or so (remembering the MoP incarn+vigil era, or the stun treants). Nonetheless, it hurts the class balance and durability of WoW Classic if every spec can do everything (and they would have to be able to do this if you want balance rather than"rock paper scissors wow classic gold mushroom"), and it might grow rancid very fast.The entire, whole core of WoW Classic will CHANGE. People weren't asking for WoW Remastered, they had been asking for Vanilla

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