What are the advantages & disadvantages of PVC Flooring (Vinyl Flooring)

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Vinyl floors generally contain plasticizers that are free of phthalate and therefore have no known health hazard. Because they are practical and easy to clean, they are suitable for almost all living spaces. Another key feature is their versatility in design.

Vinyl flooring advantages

Design diversity
Because there are vinyl floors in different decors, colors and patterns, they can be an interesting alternative to parquet or laminate. For example, vinyl can have a warm wood look (beech, maple, oak, chestnut, cherry tree, etc.). At first glance, a floor in this design can often not be distinguished from a real wooden floorboard. Natural stone decors can also be realistically reproduced. This is achieved through a special structuring of the surface, which makes it non-slip and non-slip.

Other advantages of vinyl flooring
Extremely resilient: The floors are very robust and resistant. Compared to laminate or parquet made from real wood, the covering does not scratch as quickly.
Hygienic and easy to care for: they can be cleaned quickly and easily. They can be vacuumed and wiped dry and wet.
Water-repellent: Since vinyl floors are insensitive to moisture, they can also be used in damp rooms such as the bathroom without any problems.
Hardly any walking noises: There are only a few noises when walking. This is due to the nature of the impact sound insulation anchored in the multi-layer floors, which prevents disturbing noises and also compensates for unevenness

Disadvantages of vinyl floors
Problematic disposal: Since these floors are plastic coverings, the final disposal can only take place in waste incineration plants.
Condition of the surface: Vinyl floor tile coverings cannot be laid on every surface. This must be pressure-resistant and level, which is why soft carpets are not suitable, among other things. If you do not remove any unevenness from the subsurface before laying, pressure points can also arise later in the floor.
Difficult removal: If the vinyl floor is glued, it can later be removed from the surface with great effort.

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