Firstly apologies if RS gold is at the wrong place

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Firstly apologies if RS gold is at the wrong place... But I was wondering who else could be drafted to his side?Does he hold control over the Barrows brothers due to a spell / curse put before his death? Or can he control any hero of legend if he out of Gregorovic and his left handed, does he have some dwelling minions?Again sorry if that is in the incorrect location, I was just wondering with GW2.

I thought it was fine previously when we had ribbons to discuss quests. So I guess this is an unofficial discussion thread. An effort to rekindle the forum.Some talking points - he's blue, Kerapac albino! And an antagonist. AND the Needle's master. - There's a place called Orthen,"First City", that is the first city the Dragonkin made on Gielinor before Guthix arrived. Kerapac's led to it and something referred to as"the crucible". * Vicendithas believes it is a fantasy, which means there's to have been generations of Dragonkin in this revision, enough for the town. - Charos is Reldo. Reldo is Charos.

The shy librarian we understand was a mask, however, he was a person to be. Charos is a skilled enchanter, has a fancy arm, also apparently thinks immortality is simple (but he will not enter the details). - Bandos wasn't banished without a fight. It seems the scene from the memory of Bandos could just be the confrontation years at a war which lasted. - Zamorak had gotten the Infernus when Guthix came to banish him, beaten out of him. They hated him. - Armadyl and Saradomin were wise to leave without a fight. - Sliske killing Guthix was an inside job. - Seren was born millions of years. We have seen Zaros use the term"aeons" earlier, but that can be utilized pretty generically to only mean quite a while. - Some fresh Dragonkin words. Roakin appears to refer to buy runescape 3 gold the Elder Gods. However, I haven't kept up with the whole Dragonkin language item. - Bunch of stuff. Zilyana understands about Garlandia, Fremennik possess fields of jumps for all their ale-drinking wants, Aviansie like munching on seeds etc..

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