Silicone Dinner Mat

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Xiamen Better Silicone Ltd, as a united corporation, which specialize in producing silicone/rubber/plastic/LSR (liquid silicone rubber) parts and mold tools.
Aim to improve make-making technology, company try best to bring in better technologies, talents ect.
Dispensable Fast Reaction: Mold-making, Silicone/Rubber/Plastic/LSR Plants, experienced technical perons, and managerment system etc.
For better quality and service is our motive force source.
Five Production Plants:
1.Mold Tools Making Plants
2.Rubber (Silicone) Compression Plants
3.Plastic Injection Plants
4.Liquid Silicone Injection Plants (100,000 grade Clear Room)
5.Assembly Plants (100,000 grade Clear Room)Silicone Dinner Mat

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